Abou El Leef

2 May

I hope I can make it and chime in before Mr. Leef 15 minutes of fame is up. It’s just that novelty acts tend to have a very short life span, and once their shtick get tiresome, a new viral vid with housewife puppets comes in and grabs the public’s very short attention span. It’s just how the pop-cultural jungle operates; it’s chews up and spits out, and judging by his cave-man rig-out, Mr. Leef should find that humorous if not bitterly ironic.

I’m not hating on the Leef on grounds of his artistic merits, I am calling bull-shit on the whole working class hero motive. For reals and for reals, yo; I hope he gets fucked up his shitty ass hole by a king kong.

I don’t know the dudes backsoty; the funny crooner doesn’t have a wikipedia page, and if you’re not important enough to warrant a wiki entry about you then you ain’t the research. What I know is this though: He’s in his 40s, he comes from a middle class family, and he always wanted to sing with no luck what-so-ever; I am guessing he never had access to a mirror too.

Inspired by premature symptoms of midlife crisis, he found a way to make it work: Endear your self to the masses by, you guessed it, dissing on faggy motherfuckers who have parents that could provide for them, cause if there is one thing we as a nation agree on, it’s that unless your parents were deadbeats who let you sniff a street dogs ass hole, then you’re most probably a spineless fucktard. If you wanna know which camp you belong to, check your passport cause evidently it’s written somewhere right next to the size of your dick. Belittling the less-unfortunate is a the cheapest trick there is, plus, didn’t Adel El-Far dry that well like 15 years ago.

I admire the fact that in his first album (volume 1?) he, setting a precedent for Egypt, discuses the complexity of romantic relationships in a post-facebook world, he did have his hairy hands on the pulse there.

Our society is completely unjust, no argument there. But dose that make it ok for every un-talented douche to use working class frustration to climb to fame and fortune and gave them nothing in return other than hypocritical empathy? I think yes.


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