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Ramadan TV in Brief

21 Aug

Aiza Atgawez: A show about a girl who doesn’t know what a dildo is.

Al Kabeer Awi: Ahmed Mekki owns a Now 95 CD.

Zay El 3asel: A social experiment in which 3 home grown egyptians set out to find if there are any one left with their testicles intact.

Bi Lesan Mo’aredik: Tony Khalife consistently uttering the word “gens” and getting away with it because of his classical arabic inflection.

Fawazeer Myriam: Myriam Fares’ ba-dunk-adunks.

Al Gamaa: Waheed Hamed is back against the Akhwan Moslmeen, and this time it’s personal.

Bedoon Rekaba: The hussy and the washed up actor.

Rob3 Meshakel: Mohamed Henedi’s wet dream.

Sheikh Al Arab Hammam: The show all of Egypt is not watching.

Cleopatra: 30 episodes that has nothing to do with cigarettes.